Development and understanding of materials under extreme environments open new opportunities in every area of technology: aerospace, energy, ...


Virtual Centre SUPERMAT

The concept of the SUPERMAT stands on: significantly improving scientific capacity of IMNR in novel nano/micro structured materials ...


European Project

The partners will exchange their expertise and know how in order to obtain a new advanced materials operating under Extreme Conditions...

MASSIVE ONLINE OPEN COURSE (MOOC) on Materials under Extreme Comditions for Key Industrial Sectors

Implementing innovation actions and boosting entrepreneurship; Improving the technology transfer and services offered by IMNR at Bucharest-Ilfov region, National and European levels; Extend synergies between IMNR and the 6 Research Centres from France, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Italy and ensure continuation ...

NANOMEDICINE   European Technology Platform
NANOfutures  NANOfutures Europen Platform
CTT AVANMAT   Center for Technological Transfer in Advanced Materials

2018, November 14th- 16th

        Bucharest, ROMANIA
"1st International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Materials Engineering EmergeMAT" and "4th International Workshop on Materials under Extreme Conditions SUPERMAT"
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2018, April 11th - 13th

Spring School ICMCB-CNRS.
Bordeaux, FRANCE
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